What investors look for before funding a startup


Startup business entrepreneurs and even seasoned business owners often experience anxiousness when it comes to raising outside capital for the first time. The process is not for everyone as it requires one to prepare financial projections carefully and realistically. Investors are smart, skeptical and diligent in reviewing the opportunities for investment that are presented to them and will need...

Experts tips on startup survival without investors


You say startup and immediately what comes to mind is business capital. When you say capital, what invariably follows is the all important personality called the investor. There is this almost inseparable bond. The very thought of a startup without investors or growing a startup without outside investors seems next to impossible. Startup survival without investors too seems to be a far-fetched...

Startup investors checklist: Key tips from business experts


The startup culture around the globe has ushered in stimulating changes and exciting new ways to do things. Business news is awash with lead stories that feature sensational new startups and unicorns being created. The excitement is quite palpable and there is a huge buzz in investment circles around startups. Investors are eager to bet big, pick that next winner, and surge ahead in the race to...

Brief guide on how to find angel investors in India?


“If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.” – Ratan Tata, Tata Group As a start-up entrepreneur, you would have laid the basis by raising funds from your savings. However, when you’re ready to take your goal even further and put your company on a fast track to success, finance becomes the most challenging hurdle to conquer on your...

Experts tips on how to become an angel investor


Mike Markkula was intrigued by Steve Jobs and Wozniak. He realized that the duo had built the first affordable and useful computer for people. In the year 1977, by investing $250,000 in Apple he became its Angel Investor. Angel investing is appealing, but there is a huge risk of losing your money. So, what are the advantages of investing in angels? And how to become an angel investor? Some...

How to invest small amounts of money in startups?


A decade ago, to invest in a startup, you were required to possess a lot of money and have a lot of connections. It’s no longer the case, and ordinary investors can now easily participate in interesting startup opportunities through several portals. From an Investor perspective Consider private investors like ‘Angel investors’ and ‘Venture capitalists’ Angel investing: If you are thinking...

How to invest in different types of startups?


In July 2021, Zomato filed for an initial public offering (IPO), which was 38.2 times oversubscribed, with shares closing 65 percent above the offer price. Zomato was the first unicorn tech company to be listed on a domestic exchange. A whopping return of 1,050 times is estimated by the investor Info Edge.  Startup success stories like that of Zomato may make you wonder how to invest in...

What are the different types of investor categories?


India’s Startup Ecosystem In the recent decade, India’s startup ecosystem has flourished, fuelled by a welcoming entrepreneurial atmosphere and enthusiastic, energetic, and ambitious entrepreneurs. It’s no surprise, therefore, that India has the world’s third-largest startup ecosystem. During a recent event at the Resurgence TiEcon Delhi-NCR 2021 Padmaja Ruparel, Co-founder and...

How to get investors?


Starting your own business entails a significant amount of effort. Due to a lack of funding, young entrepreneurs and startups in India usually fail to generate adequate profits from their excellent ideas. But the biggest dilemma that entrepreneurs face is how to find investors for startups in India?  While starting a business is challenging, it is also highly rewarding.  Rather than...

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