Insights on recruiting a successful CMO for a startup in 2022


A Chief Marketing Officer is integral to any startup organization. The right CMO can build a competent and successful marketing team, improve brand awareness and drive sales. However, hiring for this role can be a bit complicated, especially for startups. Often startup CEOs find it difficult to correctly assess the right time to bring on board a CMO; in many cases, the CMO is brought on too early or the wrong person is selected for the role which can both be disastrous for the company. As a founder, there will be questions galore regarding what are the skills required by a CMO, what are CMO deliverables, what to look for in a CMO, and how to draw up the ideal CMO job description?

When should startups hire a new CMO?

When your company’s marketing has become more complicated and it is time to take your marketing strategies and efforts to the next level, it is time to bring on board a CMO. There comes a point where the startup CEO’s knowledge of marketing is no longer adequate for the business growth. When first starting out, the CEO or COO may do an excellent job at handling marketing for the business but as it grows, it will become more and more apparent that an expert is needed; complex questions arise that need a more experienced marketing perspective. Your business will reach a point where competitors will pull ahead and the growth curve will seem to flatten. That is the right time to bring on board a CMO who can revitalize the business and bring back the growth factor.

When your team tells you they need more leadership, take it as your cue to begin the hunt for a suitable CMO.

Here are five insights into hiring the best CMO for a startup in 2022.

1. Figure out exactly what kind of CMO you need: CMOs can specialize in various kinds of marketing. There may be a storyteller who will assist you in connecting with customers and building an excellent brand strategy mainly through content marketing, partnerships, and events. Then there is the analytic CMO whose strength lies in analyzing the marketplace. They are experienced in growth marketing and will know how to track trends, measure campaign success, and create lead generation. An in-depth understanding of the business needs will help you determine which areas of the marketing strategy you must improve. Finding a Unicorn is a difficult task. As long as you understand the greatest challenges you should be able to find a candidate capable of taking on your business.

2. Choose someone who is adept at structuring teams: Despite the main experience and skill set of your CMO, what you need is someone who can strategically structure the various marketing departments within the company. You should, during the interview process, find out how candidates plan to structure teams and have them work together. Some teams that fall under the CMO’s control include content marketing, customer relationships management, brand marketing, brand communications, and product marketing. Your business may be even missing a unit that would drastically boost sales. A CMO should be capable of structuring groups or teams into a cohesive working whole that will benefit the company.

3. Ask for very specific referrals: During the process of hiring a CMO, avoid just asking colleagues for referrals. Be specific about your wants and needs so that it becomes easier to narrow down the list to only a few suitable candidates who might be a good fit for your organization.

4. Get insights from the marketing team: You may imagine you know exactly what your company needs in terms of a CMO but it would be a great idea to rope in a marketing professional to help you see exactly what the business needs and draw up a job description for your ideal candidate. Since they share the same department, they will be in a position to see where exactly the department is lacking and might require a boost.

5. Perfect the job description of a CMO: One major reason for the failure of a lot of startups is the lack of a proper job description. Before you post anything make sure that you review the job description and ensure that it is realistic and doable. Do not be vague or broad with your job description but instead take the time to fill in the specifics so as to provide candidates with a clear idea of what you are looking for in a CMO and what you expect them to accomplish.

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Q. What makes a good CMO?

A. A great CMO not only understands the responsibilities of a strong marketing leader but also acts as a catalyst for change in marketing to stay ahead of the competition. They are the driving force behind long-term success because they understand the types of innovation required from a marketing, product, and organizational standpoint.

Q. Why do companies need a CMO?

A. The CMO’s job entails three key responsibilities for brand success: maintaining brand consistency, managing the brand, and expanding the brand as the company and marketplace evolve. 

Q.What does a CMO do in a startup?

A. A chief marketing officer (CMO) is the person in charge of your company’s marketing efforts. This c-suite job ensures that the public understands your company’s objective and vision. They help ensure that your marketing strategy is on track, allowing your company to reach a broader audience.

Q. How much equity should a CFO get in a startup?

A. The CFO of a post-Series A business could get anywhere from 1% to 5% of the equity. However, the proportion is highly dependent on your expertise and the relevance of the position.

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