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We help our enterprise clients with 3X faster senior hiring through our source to hire talent intelligence platform.

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On most professional networks, you need to identify, reach out, and set the context with a hope to hear back from them, which let's face it, happens rarely.

At CoffeeMug, we do the heavy lifting of connecting you with a relevant member based on your long term goals and short term needs. Since we are a warm introduction platform, when we connect our members with a context, the response rate is high.

Also, the fact that we are curated assures you of interaction with other successful professionals.

As of now, the CoffeeMug Beta is free for members. There are no charges for using CoffeeMug currently.

Think of us like a Super Sharp Concierge Service, which will help you fill your long term goals and immediate needs about your professional space. We connect you with the right people to meet your objectives including:

  • Hiring Key Leadership
  • Explore Career Opportunities
  • Raise money for your startup
  • Find good investment opportunities
  • Mentor other professionals
  • Brainstorm business ideas and challenges
  • Connect with lateral thinkers from diverse professions

We will introduce you to a relevant member every week, so you can interact over a video call. Our AI algorithm figures out the most relevant member to make introductions with every week.

Our members do half the work in sharing more about their professional goals and the current set of needs. The remaining work is done by the match-making algorithm, which keeps improving with time with inputs from our teams

We cannot guarantee that you will be matched with the connections for your choice. However, our AI-based algorithm surely takes this into consideration while curating introductions for you.

Once a week, we send you an email introducing your match so that you can take the conversation ahead and set up the meeting.

Our email and chat -based messaging system keeps your contact details private. You may choose to share your contact details with your connection to take the conversation forward.