“Partnership is the key to drive strong business growth for a startup.”

- Amit Singhal
Co-Founder/CEO@Nexus HealthTech

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Amit's Story

Recently Health-tech space in India has become a much talked about sector. Off late we have seen a lot of experimentations and funding in the space. This story brings in two interesting startups in the health-tech space together.

Amit Singhal is a serial entrepreneur and a startup mentor; he loves the idea generation and the execution game. He believes in thinking through the strategy and growth hacks before he starts to spin his wheels. With this mantra, he built a couple of companies in the past; his recent venture, Nexus HealthTech, runs a couple of digital products in the health tech space. He also runs a foundation focusing on making healthcare accessible to people with limited means.

As part of this startup journey, Amit has been continuously thinking about how to snowball in the health-tech space and make a name for Nexus Health. One of the things on top of Amit’s mind was collaboration and partnership as a growth hack. Over the years, Amit has collaborated and partnered with several players to grow his venture. This comes naturally to him.

On the other hand, Healthians, an online platform that provides health test home service, has created a name in India's health-tech space in a short span. It aggregates diagnostic labs, crowdsourced sample collectors, and nearby doctors, as well as makes patients' medical records available online.

Through CoffeeMug Amit got an opportunity to connect with the Healthians team and saw a clear opportunity to partner and work together. There was a clear synergy in the offering between two ventures, and both Nexus HealthTech and Healthians decided to join hands.

“I used the CoffeeMug to discover the right partner for Nexus.I am thrilled that I got an opportunity to collaborate with a partner like healthians through the platform.”
- Amit

CoffeeMug is a global warm-introduction platform for its curated member base of High-growth entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders for whom time is the most precious commodity. And, we are super proud of this success story created through the platform. We believe there will be many more stories in the time to come. Watch out for this space!