“With CoffeeMug, I found a mentor who can see far ahead and help me navigate the course as an entrepreneur”

- Sariee Chahal,
Co-Founder/CEO@SHEROES, Board Member@PayTM Payments Bank

  • Sairee Used CoffeeMug Platform for
    Finding the right mentor
  • Loved it for
    • Personalized attention to its members
    • Curated member base
    • Product focus
  • Best interaction ever
  • Favorite Feature on CoffeeMug
    Conversation threads are stored in rolodex

Sairee's Story

Sairee is a trailblazing entrepreneur in the startup ecosystem. Sairee founded SHEROES in 2014, which is now the largest online community for women with over 20 million members. She also Co-Founded Fleximoms, which connects women seeking to enter or re-enter the workplace. Sairee is on the Board of PayTM Payments Bank and a Fellow with the Aspen Institute. Wow! What an impressive track record. We are super proud to have Sairee as the Founding Member of CoffeeMug.

Today with SHEROES, Sairee is building the “women’s internet”. The bigger idea behind SHEROES is to develop a massive pipeline for the next generation of women professionals. She is already doing this via “women in tech” campus lead programs, communities, and workshops etc.

Being an entrepreneur means taking on audacious challenges head-on. From the first leap, raising money, managing cash flow while continuously driving progress needed unparalleled rigour. During this journey, Sairee thought that working with a mentor could help change the trajectory of the business. And voila, CoffeeMug made it possible!

“On CoffeeMug, I have met so many amazing people that I wonder why I haven’t met them before. But I guess the painstaking process of curation and a contextual conversation setting on the CoffeeMug platform makes all the difference. I am proud to be a CoffeeMug founding member.”
- Sairee

During one of her CoffeeMug interactions, she met with Vinay Dixit on the platform. Vinay has 30 years of successful business leadership experience across Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa in a range of consumer-facing businesses. Over the years, Vinay has worked with Electrolux, McKinsey & Co, General Motors, Unilever and Maruti Suzuki and has been supporting start-ups in China, Singapore & India.

Sairee and Vinay hit it off from the first CoffeeMug interaction. Sairee was super stoked to have met Vinay on the platform and started talking about her business challenges. One meeting led to another and then to another and rest, as they say, is history. Vinay offered to wear a mentor hat and started working with Sairee regularly. Today he is helping Sairee, as well as her team, navigate opportunities towards rapid scale-up as well as creating avenues for financial independence for thousands of women in SHEROES community.

“CoffeeMug is an amazing innovation! It understood my preferences and thoughtfully connected me to Sairee. It’s been a joy and privilege to support Sairee as she takes SHEROES into the stratosphere.”
- Vinay

CoffeeMug is a global warm-introduction platform for its curated member base of high-growth entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders for whom time is the most precious commodity. And, we are super proud of this success story created through the platform. We believe there will be many such stories in the time to come. Watch this space!