Investing in Indian startups as US citizen


India is now considered as one of the most powerful economic forces in the world. India’s economy has a significant impact on global trade and the majority of the world’s leading developed countries want to establish or strengthen connections with India. India is a popular destination for investors over other major countries, regardless of location, due to its large market base and...

How to invest in Indian startups?


How do I invest in startups?  This is a common question among people who wish to invest in startups and gain valuable experience as well as high returns.  India is home to one of the world’s youngest populations, and its economy is rapidly growing. This makes India an attractive place to invest in startups, as they are poised to benefit from the country’s ongoing growth...

The art of investing in startups online and making money


Until recently, angel investors, and venture capitalists were the only ones who could invest in businesses. However, the market has become more accessible thanks to recent government reforms, and individuals can now easily invest their money in a potential business. But, how to invest in startup companies is a major concern. This is because not all startups manage to establish a mark in the...

How to invest in different types of startups?


In July 2021, Zomato filed for an initial public offering (IPO), which was 38.2 times oversubscribed, with shares closing 65 percent above the offer price. Zomato was the first unicorn tech company to be listed on a domestic exchange. A whopping return of 1,050 times is estimated by the investor Info Edge.  Startup success stories like that of Zomato may make you wonder how to invest in...

How to find startups to invest in India?


It is not only the startups that chase investors to fund their business, investors too, look out for good startups with a stellar business idea. With the startup ecosystem growing stronger every year, startup owners and investors have apparently developed a symbiotic relationship with each other. There are numerous benefits of investing in startups, however, deciding on the right startup is an...

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