How to Hire Talent?


“Knowing what to do is not the major challenge faced by executives – finding who to do it is” -MARSHALL GOLDSMITH

The business world today is marked by fierce competition. Organisations are constantly striving for innovation, market share, revenue and profits. Nevertheless, the most critical battle waged in business today is the war for talent- the sense of urgency of hiring the right candidate who can adapt to the dynamic business landscape.

Why is Hiring the Right Person Crucial?

Each employee of your organisation represents a facet of your business to customers, and to the community at large. A single bad hire can trigger a series of negative consequences. Often company morale, customer service and brand reputation are affected during the outcome.

In order to provide solutions about how to hire the right candidate, organisations are evolving to define the best process for hiring the right candidate and are leveraging technology in hiring strategies. An AI-driven platform such as can be extremely beneficial when it comes to hiring the right resources as startups get to interact and engage with talent from across industries with varied experiences and expertise. 

Below are some of the guidelines that can be adapted as best practices for hiring the right talent:

1. Does the candidate’s aspiration fit well with the job?

It is important to understand a candidate’s aspirations and gauge their commitment towards developing their own career, as this helps recruiters see what a candidate thinks of the available job and if they could be a right fit.

2. Assess their given references appropriately

Often employers who wish to hire the right talent faster tend to exclude the process of thoroughly evaluating references assuming it to be time-consuming and laborious. However, an employee’s interactions with previous co-workers and past employment history provide valuable insight about how they work, and who they are as a co-worker and an employee.

3. Formulate evaluation strategies beyond the face-to-face interview

While traditional face-to-face interviews still play a major role during hiring the right talent, pairing them with a set of data-driven assessments techniques such as personality tests and skills-based questionnaires can accelerate the potential candidate screening process.

4. Determine strengths needed for the position

Most jobs these days are stressful, therefore when hiring the right candidate, employers should evaluate a candidate’s workplace strengths to cope with competition, tight deadlines, and client requirements.

5. Ensure culture fit

When questioned about how to hire the right candidateemployers often stress on fulfilment of core competencies such as the right credentials, experience and skills to be the key drivers however, it is crucial to determine whether the hired candidate can be a proper fit for your culture. Hence, it is essential to highlight the aspects you are looking for in a candidate during the interview process.

6. Run social checks

Exploring potential candidates’ social media presence across platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram page helps employers gain a better insight into their creativity, hobbies and interpersonal skills.

7. Prioritise diversity and inclusion

When hiring the right talent, diversity and inclusion should also be included as core values to attract top talent. Growing the talent pool of candidates from diverse communities helps companies be more innovative, creative and achieve better results.

Additionally, “Women Returnship Programs” which involves hiring experienced and skilled women candidates with career breaks due to maternity and parental care can bring in a whole bunch of benefits to the organisation.

8. Leveraging technology

Recruiters are upgrading to include AI-automation in their hiring processes thereby achieving efficiency and saving time in hiring top talent. Telephonic, as well as video calling, have now become norms while conducting interviews that allow candidates and employers the flexibility to take the interview at their convenience.

9. Adapt to current market trends

Many business roles today can be done virtually. Workplaces today are evolving, hence considering turning a particular position ‘remote’ can benefit employers to expand their search beyond a single geographic area and have a better chance at attracting candidates from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

How can help you hire the right talent faster?

An AI-powered platform such as can provide the desired impetus required in hiring the right talent by enabling a startup to expand its network and connect with talent with aspirations that resonate with the company’s goals and objectives. Also, the community of professionals and mentors can share their astute wisdom and tips on how to hire the right candidate


Q. How do employers choose the best candidate?

A. Typically, the recruiting manager will call a meeting to go through the ideal applicant profile and charge the committee. Each committee member will have preferences for the candidate based on how their qualifications and characteristics connect with the requirements of the position.

Q. Why is hiring the right person so important?

A. You are fostering the greatest customer service experience in the industry by recruiting the appropriate employee who appreciates both customers and coworkers.

Q. Why is hiring important in an organization?

A. You can rapidly find ideal applicants if you have an effective recruiting procedure. This method will enable you and your team to spend less time on hiring and more time on daily activities.

Q. What is the meaning of hiring the right person for the right job?

A. The idea of ‘hiring the right person at the right job’ means members of a team should share the company’s basic values, have a feeling of ownership over his/her position, and be prepared to perform the tasks that the role requires.

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