Expert advice on how to find and hire the best CIO


In 1981, William Synnott and William Gruber were the first to coin the term Chief Information Officer.  They foresaw that the growing integration of technology at different levels of corporate functioning would need an intelligent human resource, dedicated entirely to manage the information aspect of operations, which they deemed as “growth critical.” Over time, the proliferation of varied...

Key positions to fill in your startup and build a successful team


For a startup to succeed, you need outstanding professionals. Founders face a significant challenge recruiting these experts to join their startup management team. Without a vast network of people who can assist him, a founder is unlikely to find specialists. There is fierce competition for high-quality, motivated, and skilled professionals. By embracing globalization and remote-first techniques...

Post pandemic hiring for startups: How has the scenario changed?


Since the onset of the pandemic the world as we know it has changed drastically with the Great Resignation manifesting its presence and employees quitting their jobs to go in search of ‘better’ ones that allow them the flexibility, safety and security they need. Employees today say it is not only about the money. These mid-level and junior employees are looking at the bigger picture and hoping to...

How to Recruit C Level Employees


Every startup is unique and every business owner is faced with a plethora of obstacles and dilemmas including finding the right talent to lead the team to greater heights. C level hiring requires time, effort, dedication and an in-depth understanding of the needs of the organisation. In order to achieve growth at some point in the future, a startup must have the right leadership or C team that is...

How to Hire Talent?


“Knowing what to do is not the major challenge faced by executives – finding who to do it is” -MARSHALL GOLDSMITH The business world today is marked by fierce competition. Organisations are constantly striving for innovation, market share, revenue and profits. Nevertheless, the most critical battle waged in business today is the war for talent- the sense of urgency of hiring the right...

Strategy for Hiring C Level Executives


In today’s technology-driven era where businesses are becoming more virtual, digital-centric, and agile, it is crucial to develop a solid team of business leaders who can make decisions at lightning-fast speed in order to generate sizable revenues and for the overall success of a business entity. They are known as C-level executives of a company and how to find the right C level team is a concern...

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