How networking can help women advance in their careers


Woman + Networks = Career Advancement?

Women’s networks have been on the rise for a reason. They have become an important component in the fight to break through the glass ceiling and gain leadership positions. These networks have been described as a response to persistent exclusion from informal male networks, a healthy developmental activity, or a useful tool for organizations that value ‘diversity’. Official support for the presence of such networks, as well as their expansion in number, is widespread and passionate. 

What are women’s networks?

Women’s networking groups provide a forum for younger women to connect with mentors who can help them navigate the workplace mazes. They provide strong connections to other women who may be facing similar issues, as well as a diverse environment for personal and professional development.

Top 5 reasons why women should network more

Women have a greater barrier to professional networking than men, and in order to obtain top jobs, women must be a part of both wide networks and informative inner circles. Almost every successful woman can attest to the support and encouragement she received from her female tribe, who cheered them on from the bottom of their ladder.

Here are a few reasons why networking is important to the advancement of your career:

  • Enhances business relationships

It’s all about giving rather than getting when it comes to networking. Engaging with your contacts on a regular basis and looking for ways to help them strengthen the relationship. By doing so, you are laying the groundwork for reciprocal aid when you need it to attain your goals.

  • You gain access to career opportunities

Expanding your network can pave the way for new prospects, job advancement, personal development, or just fresh knowledge. Networking keeps you on the radar when opportunities arise, such as job openings, and increases your chances of being introduced to relevant people or receiving a referral.

Remember that many jobs aren’t posted – especially as your career progresses – so becoming a recognized member of networks is a critical method to acquire access to possibilities you wouldn’t otherwise have.

From career guidance to creating relationships to securing a dream job, professional networking can open many doors. is one such professional networking tool. Join today to expand your network of meaningful connections. Because you never know who might be looking to hire for your dream job. You’ll be more likely to hear about it if you have a large network.

  • Get professional advice and support

Networking allows you to get guidance from more experienced colleagues. Discussing similar issues and opportunities allows for the exchange of useful thoughts and counsel. Providing genuine support to your contacts also lays a solid foundation for receiving assistance in return when you need it.

  • Broadens your horizons

Keeping up with industry trends and sharing best practices is easy when you network with your peers. By establishing a vast network of well-informed and interconnected contacts, one is able to acquire more useful knowledge.

The ability to learn new things is an often-overlooked benefit of networking because it isn’t the most evident, but it also allows for job progression.

  • Increases your visibility

Getting visible through networking will help you advance your career. By attending professional and social events regularly, you will become more visible.

Keep an eye out for conversations, remember names, and share your knowledge and expertise to make other guests’ experiences more enjoyable.

Your reputation as a proficient, reliable, and supportive member of your field can be enhanced by providing others with useful information or tips.

You might receive more offers if you raise your profile, as employers are always interested in finding the best candidates.

Who is in your professional network?

A professional network can include friends, relatives, co-workers, and members of groups you may belong to, such as Coffeemug, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

If you network effectively, it shouldn’t feel like you’re utilizing these networks to further your career. Rather, you should create strong ties with those who have similar or complementary interests, with the objective of both self-improvement and mutual benefit in mind.

How do you get started networking?

In spite of the fact that networking benefits your career as well as your personal life, most people are not adept at it. In fact, some people have a hard time striking up a conversation with strangers at a conference or event.

However, Networking is a skill that can be learned. The first step in structured networking is to select your main ‘target’ contacts. That is, the people you would like to connect with, meet and learn from, get advice from, and perhaps be inspired by! Identify opportunities to meet and communicate with these ‘target’ contacts once you have this list. Remember! It’s never a one-way path when it comes to networking. You must also contribute to your connections’ benefit and progress.

It’s all too easy to get mired in the minutiae of your professional life and fall into a rut. However, networking can help you gain a new perspective on your career. Interacting with experts in your field or people with technical knowledge may provide you with solutions that can only be obtained by looking at a problem from new perspectives. connects you with such specialists, allowing you to gain valuable insights.

CoffeeMug X StyleNook presents Women Ahead

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Q. What is the definition of a women’s resource group?

A. WERGs (Women’s Employee Resource Groups) are employee-led groups that promote a diverse and inclusive workplace in line with the organization’s mission, values, goals, and business practices.

Q. What is the CII Indian Women Network?

A. The Indian Women Network (IWN) was founded by the Confederation of Indian Industry in 2013 with the goal of becoming the largest network for career women. The idea behind the establishment of IWN was that working women needed an organized network where they could meet like-minded women to discuss and overcome professional issues.

Q. What are the many sorts of female networks?

·  Women in supervisory jobs form networks that allow them to discuss strategies since they confront similar challenges. (For example, a founders’ association)

·  Networks of diverse women for job opportunities (For instance, a female career network)

·  Networks that offer members with resources that would otherwise be difficult to obtain (e.g., a financial community for women)

Q. How does networking contribute to women’s mid-career development?

A. Women in their mid-career should practice and perfect networking. Here are some benefits of networking:

·  Make better decisions by tapping into indigenous wisdom.

·  Form an alliance of allies

·  Mentoring and access to programs

Q. Which Indian websites are dedicated to women’s careers?

·  JobsForHer

·  Sheroes

·  Her Second Innings

·  Avtar I-Win

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