Detailed guide on how to build a crypto exchange in India


From its very inception in 2008, Blockchain technology has had a substantial influence on the internet. The invention of blockchain led to the creation of Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency exchange is a great example of how valuable blockchain technology can be. Many businesses are already considering launching their own profitable cryptocurrency exchange in...

Understanding the fundamentals of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Job Description


“How can you run for president if you don’t know the job description?” – Mohamad Elbaradei  If you look around, a majority of modern startups or businesses rely on technology. New technologies continue to evolve every single day, and businesses must quickly adapt to them to stay ahead of the competition. A business that fails to keep up with technological advancements is likely to go...

8 personality traits every startup should look for in a CTO


“People are not your most important asset. The right people are.” – Jim Collins As the tech world continues to flourish, so does the pivotal role of chief technology officer, or CTO. A seasoned CIO is known for working with a wide range of services, from data security to AI algorithms, while effectively and efficiently mitigating risks. The professional is in charge of a variety of IT strategies...

Quick guide on how to find a CTO with right skills and experience


Any new startup that ventures into software development will, at some point, find that it can become challenging to manage the technical aspects of the process. Attempting to scale up development efforts from ground zero without the right amount of experience can cause things to fall apart really quickly.  In addition, if the product fails to meet customer needs, the burn rate will...

Factors to consider when hiring C suite executives


With the boom in the tech industry over the last couple of years, every entrepreneurial mind in the industry is looking at grasping the best benefits from the market. However, in most cases startup founders are intimidated by the idea of development teams, hiring developers and building the production from scratch. On the whole, the technology part of setting up the architecture, finding the...

A sequential guide to hiring a Startup CTO


Every startup owner is faced with the decision of hiring a startup CTO at some point in the journey of their business, if not at the very beginning from day one itself. Leadership hiring is not to be taken lightly and business owners must ensure that they look for the individuals with the right qualifications and experience who will also be a good technical and cultural fit for the organization...

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