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Why a startup should opt for Venture Capital?


As a budding entrepreneur, you may have laid the foundation of your start-up business. But if you want to sustain and scale rapidly you need funding. “Does my startup need venture capital money?” may be the first question that comes to mind. Yes, Venture Capital is a great alternative among the several investment choices accessible. There are several advantages of being funded through...

How to invest small amounts of money in startups?


A decade ago, to invest in a startup, you were required to possess a lot of money and have a lot of connections. It’s no longer the case, and ordinary investors can now easily participate in interesting startup opportunities through several portals. From an Investor perspective Consider private investors like ‘Angel investors’ and ‘Venture capitalists’ Angel investing: If you are thinking...

A Quick Guide on Early and Late Stage Venture Capital Investors


In the business world, money is imperative to drive a business forward by fueling growth and expansion. The right type of funding can help your business get off the ground and scale quickly, but how do you decide which is ideal for you?  If you are looking to expand your startup, venture capital is a fantastic way to get the money you need. Despite the fact that investing in a startup...

How venture capital financing in India works?


Back then, India was an unknown entity in the world of venture capital (VC) financing. Today, it is a vital part of the startup ecosystem. By providing early-stage companies with the capital they need to grow, VCs help to ensure that new businesses have the resources they need to succeed.  An important element fueling venture capital financing in India is that investors are becoming more...

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