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Why funding entrepreneurship is essential for startups?


In a world that seems awash with the word startup the popular concept today has become a hallmark across nations. Emerging markets and developed economies are both experiencing a rise in startups. We can safely say that this trend will become the core industry in the near future. India is not new to the start-up concept. In fact, it has been inundated by the trend in the past few years. Startup...

What investors look for before funding a startup


Startup business entrepreneurs and even seasoned business owners often experience anxiousness when it comes to raising outside capital for the first time. The process is not for everyone as it requires one to prepare financial projections carefully and realistically. Investors are smart, skeptical and diligent in reviewing the opportunities for investment that are presented to them and will need...

14 startup funding terms to learn before approaching investors


A startup is so much more than just a company in its early stages. It is a small operation that is aiming high; almost like innovation waiting for the opportune moment to go boom! If this bears resemblance to your business then you should learn some common startup funding terms to help you in the early funding stages. Startup funding terms Speaking of help, CoffeeMug.ai is the most suitable...

Startup funding guide for young millennials


Having a great concept and a strong drive to succeed is no longer enough to operate a successful startup in today’s market. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to grow and develop your business, you should think about funding options as well. According to surveys, one of the most prevalent causes for small business failure is a lack of capital. Here are a few reasons why start-ups...

9 rational ways to fund your startup substantially


You’ve probably heard success stories of Oyo, Nykaa, Swiggy, and others. These startups were lucky enough to flourish, while others, such as Dazo, Bite Club, Local Banya, and Purple Squirrel, never saw the light of day. According to a recent report, 80-90 per cent of Indian firms fail during the first five years of operation, despite having fantastic ideas. Do you know why? Because of a...

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