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Startup investors checklist: Key tips from business experts


The startup culture around the globe has ushered in stimulating changes and exciting new ways to do things. Business news is awash with lead stories that feature sensational new startups and unicorns being created. The excitement is quite palpable and there is a huge buzz in investment circles around startups. Investors are eager to bet big, pick that next winner, and surge ahead in the race to...

How common people can invest in startups


Startups are extremely popular and numerous success stories of startups that blow up the internet continue to emerge from time to time. Over the last few years, a number of people have actually made a lot of money by investing in startup companies. It can be extremely profitable to invest in a startup during the early stages however it is often assumed that investing in a startup is only for...

The art of investing in startups online and making money


Until recently, angel investors, and venture capitalists were the only ones who could invest in businesses. However, the market has become more accessible thanks to recent government reforms, and individuals can now easily invest their money in a potential business. But, how to invest in startup companies is a major concern. This is because not all startups manage to establish a mark in the...

Which platform is best for investment?


A decade ago, buying groceries meant a personal visit to the market, but now you can order them with the click of a button from the comfort of your own home. Such is the power of a start-up. Many start-ups set out on their journey with the goal of changing the world, and they have enormous potential to do so. However, their success depends on the amount of capital they can secure and a nourishing...

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