Key points to consider before you choose to hire a CIO


In today’s blitz speed digital age, the management and security of intricately connected networks and valuable business data is a crucial, full time responsibility. IT is today a formidable business tool and to leverage it to one’s advantage, what is needed is a human resource that can deploy it tactically across different pockets of the functioning of an enterprise. This resource is none other...

How can ‘brainstorming’ be used to generate new ideas?


“Sometimes creativity can’t be forced but it can be brainstormed” – Anonymous  Perhaps, most of us will agree to this. You can’t force creativity, at least not in the same way that you can’t drive a nail into a piece of plywood. You may, however, create situations and circumstances like group discussions that will significantly boost your ability to be creative, as well as...

How to unlock brainstorming ideas for new products and accelerate growth?


For decades, people have been using brainstorming to develop ideas and come up with unique solutions to issues. While some people prefer to work alone, others trust in the strength of a group. As a result, brainstorming sessions have become the norm in every firm during the last few years.  The primary advantage of brainstorming is that it promotes cross-stimulation of ideas. It can be...

How to create a remote place to brainstorm creative ideas?


When we worked in a typical office environment before the pandemic, brainstorming with team members meant either scribbling ideas on a whiteboard, using sticky notes for flowcharts or holding large brainstorming sessions to get the creative juices flowing. With those routes on hold, for the time being, it’s more crucial for managers to figure out ways to streamline work procedures and...

How brainstorming new ideas can enhance creativity?


“Regular brainstorming is as critical to an organization as regular exercise is to your health. It creates a responsive, innovative culture”. Tom Kelley When was the last time you utilized brainstorming to find a solution? Even though you didn’t realize it, you’ve probably used it at least once. People used brainstorming for decades to generate ideas and think outside the box...

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