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How to apply and secure a start-up job in your city


Are you a start-up-er? Ever heard of that term before? My guess is you haven’t. Well a start-up-er is an individual who is passionate about working with small, driven groups of entrepreneurs, wearing multiple hats and working long and crazy hours in order to achieve a target or complete a goal. Further, these individuals on the hunt for jobs in start-ups in India thrive in an environment that is...

How to find fresher jobs in startup companies in Bangalore?


Working in a startup can be a lucrative career move. You have the opportunity to learn something new every day. If you have a good work ethic, you may be able to secure a startup position with little or no experience, or you may be able to strengthen your skills in tough roles at start-ups that are gaining momentum to scale operations. Start-up ecosystem in India You might be surprised to learn...

How to find jobs in startups in India?


Companies are continuing to lay off employees as the third wave of the pandemic unfolds, affecting various sectors of the economy to varying degrees. Despite this, the startup revolution continues, more often than not, out of necessity rather than choice. In case you are one of the teeming millions that is job hunting, startup jobs are worth considering given the circumstances. Whether it is...

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