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Taxation in India: What is the importance of direct and indirect taxes?


For decades, taxation has been the key source of revenue for governments all across the world, including India. The country has a well-structured tax system that employs both liberal and progressive taxation depending on income and other criteria, with the national and state governments determining the rates.  Tax income is the money received by the government and can be used for a variety...

Why startups are pivotal for the growth of the Indian economy?


The startup industry has gained prominence in many parts of the world in the past few years. With the explosion of technology and young people wanting to start their own businesses, we definitely need more startups, and the number continues to rise in India. The importance of startups in India resides in their potential to address a wide range of concerns, from employment to innovation, growth to...

Importance of startups in boosting the Indian economy


When top global investors look at India today, they see a country full of potential. A large population, sizable untapped markets, diverse cultures, spending habits; all this supported by very entrepreneur and enterprise friendly government initiatives, has meant that the Indian economy is attracting big ticket investors like a magnet.  The point to be noted here, is that these investments...

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