How CoffeeMug Works

Once you join, you will start receiving weekly emails to make new connections based on your availability each week.

1. Member match for the Week

Every Monday, weekly, our AI algorithm vetted by our team will identify the relevant member to introduce you to. Every match is personalized, taking into account your objectives, interests, expertise, and location.

2. We'll send you an intro

You'll get an intro to your match on Wednesday of the given week. Reply to the emails as soon as you can and commit to the meeting with the member. Our community works on mutual respect, reliability, and commitment. You can coordinate the exact meeting details with the members. Just make sure to keep us in cc.


3. Meet your new connection

Ensure you meet your new connection as per the schedule. Don't postpone, and don't try to replace the meeting with a chat over the phone. Meet over coffee. You will be taken by the power that savouring a simple cup of coffee can have to connect you with some of the most awesome people you will ever come across. See the magic of Serendipity!

4. Give Feedback

Post your meeting, we will ask you for candid feedback about your meeting. The feedback not only allows us to know you better and set a better context for the meetings, but also it helps our AI Engine (and our team) in making more relevant connections for you going forward.